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Owner Operators Wanted

Your Truck, Your Decision.

Professional drivers with a clean record and their own late model tractor, have never been in higher demand. You have lots of choices these days but carriers are making it overly complicated in determining which one is truly offering the best overall pay package.

Our opinion is the money is going to pretty much even out no matter who you drive for as an owner operator. The market determines what you get paid and due to the current lack of capacity, we see much needed increases coming to us in the future and that will be passed on to you as an owner operator with Cooney.

We Want to Hear What’s Important to You.

For a moment, let’s take money out of your decision making process. If money was more or less the same would you still want to leave your current carrier relationship? If so why?

  1. Do the owners know you by name? Are they accessible if you have an issue to discuss?
  2. Do the staff treat you like part of the team or do you feel like an outsider?
  3. Does the carrier you work for keep their equipment up to date and well serviced?
  4. Are they responsive when you ask to get back for some family time?
  5. Is the dispatch team working with you or does it feel like their working against you at times?

These are 5 reasons we hear often when owner operators choose to work with Cooney and choose to stay.

Here are another 5 reasons why Cooney could be a good choice for you:

  1. Cooney is a family owned and operated trucking company that’s served our customers and has been a home away from home for our drivers since 1945
  2. We have lots of dedicated business which translates to steady runs and predetermined schedules
  3. We are a family orientated company and understand you have family that you need to spend time with too
  4. You get to work where you live and we have terminal and yard locations in Belleville, Brantford, Prescott, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto
  5. We have opportunities within Ontario, between Ontario and Quebec for your day cab or highway units

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